We’re excited to see growing media coverage of our recent post on our plasma research project with Cranfield University.

You can see the article on @CranfieldUni ‘s page: https://www.cranfield.ac.uk/press/news-2019/students-research-cleaning-solar-collectors-without-water#.XREueOGrOlc.email

It can also be found on @Solar_And_Power’s page: https://solarpowermanagement.net/article/107599/Students_Research_Cleaning_Solar_Collectors_Without_Water

And @NACleanEnergy ‘s page: http://www.nacleanenergy.com/articles/34831/students-research-cleaning-solar-collectors-without-water

The focus of this research is to understand the utilisation of plasma-assisted surface conditioning of low-iron glass solar reflecting mirrors for concentrating solar thermal power applications. The research project is supervised by leading experts in this field Professor Chris Sansom and Dr Peter King of Cranfield University and Dr Adam Bennett of Cranfield Plasma Solutions.

Currently much water is used to clean the mirrors, a precious resource in arid terrains. The aim of this project is to investigate the characteristics of a novel atmospheric pressure plasma system used to condition CSP concentrating mirrors which will be capable of reducing the amount of water used in the cleaning process.

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