Plasma is an energised gas often referred to as the fourth state of matter (solid, liquid, gas and plasma). Plasma is formed when energy is applied to a gas. The components of gas plasma include reactive oxygen and nitrogen species, OH radicals, ions, electrons, photons and UV light which coupled together ensure reproducible therapeutic effects during patient treatments.

The Adtec SteriPlas delivers a physical mode of action during treatment. Charged particles created from within the plasma chamber are released and bombard the cellular walls of bacteria which quickly ruptures the cellular structure. The remaining components of the plasma, including the reactive oxygen and nitrogen species and UV light, enter through these gaps created to deactivate the microbial DNA. This effectively destroys the bacteria present, even if they are protected within biofilm

Because of the physical bombardment on the microorganisms, a primary or secondary resistance to plasma is unlikely to be developed.1

What is Plasma?

How it works?

Controlled neutral plasma for effective
wound management

Positively influencing wound healing by reduction in microbial
load and by modifying the wound microenvironment.

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Plasma Proven

Developed in conjunction with the Max-Planck Institute in Germany, the Adtec Plasma technology has been proven in clinical trials with over 3,500 patient treatments in both chronic and acute wounds. Adtec SteriPlas technology showed marked improvement in wound healing, after painless 2 minute applications as part of routine wound treatment. No side-effects occurred and the treatment was well tolerated. Adtec argon plasma treatment is a safe and painless new technique to decrease bacterial load of chronic wounds and  promote healing.


Adtec SteriPlas is proven to kill a wide range of microorganisms, including fungal, viral, yeast and bacterial superinfections with both gram positive and gram negative bacteria. Tests showed a 73% reduction in bacterial load, regardless of the type of bacteria or its resistance to antibiotics. Treatment costs are comparable to or lower than those of standard antimicrobial wound treatment.


Recent studies have shown that treatment with Adtec SteriPlas technology may accelerate wound healing, particularly for problem wounds such as chronic ulcers and difficult to treat regions in surgical site infections.

  • 73.5% reduction in total bacterial load despite the type of bacteria or its resistance to antibiotics.2
  • 50% more effective than antibiotics.2
  • 63% reduction in wound size.3
  • 53.5% reduction in wound depth.3
  • 44.9% reduction in perceived level of pain.3
  • Proven to kill a wide range of microorganisms including: fungal, viral, yeast and bacterial superinfections in both Gram-negative and
  • No side effects reported.
  • 2 minute treatment time.

Antimicrobial Effectiveness

Multi-electrode cathode array emits electrons that are energized by an electric field in an ionization chamber

Electrons bombard the Argon

gas, forming ionized plasma

Adtec Sensor Module

continuously monitors plasma temperature for safe delivery

n=137, 10 patient, p<0.008

(Isbury et al, BJD Online 2012)

1 – Heinlin, JEADV 2010 ; 2 – Isbary, BJD 2012 167, 404-110 ; 3 – Jockenhöfer, EWMA 2018.

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