What is Cold Plasma?

A cold plasma is a plasma that exists in a state of non-equilibrium. In contrast to a hot plasma, the temperature of the electrons is a cold plasma is some two orders of magnitude greater than the temperature of the ions and molecules, whose temperature is roughly ambient. The result is that these plasmas can exist at as low as 30°C! In fact, they are completely safe to touch!

Cold Plasma Products

At Adtec, we are passionate about Plasma Technology; specifically non-thermal atmospheric pressure gas microwave powered plasma (gas plasma). This technology was first developed in the Innovation department of our parent company in Japan and we at Adtec Europe are commercializing this technology.

Over the years, we have been involved in a number of research projects, investigating the merits of Plasma Technology in various industries. Our portfolio consists of two core technologies, designed, developed and manufactured at Adtec Europe. Non-thermal (also called cold plasma) has many different applications including surface treatment, cleaning and antimicrobial treatments. We look forward to collaborating with partners to develop new applications for plasma technology.

Microwave Induced Gas Plasma

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PlasmaTact 50

Introducing the brand new 50W PlasmaTact.
High power microwave plasma device, perfect for high-speed surface engineering applications

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PlasmaTact 15

Plasma Tact is robust and portable cold atmospheric plasma system, ideally suited to a variety of surface treatments.

Using Argon or Helium gas, the reliable microwave generator produces a consistent and stable plasma, perfect for repeatable processing in both research and manufacturing applications.

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Dielectric Barrier Discharge Air Plasma

Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) is a hugely flexible method of plasma generation. With an adaptable and scalable electrode array design, our M-CCMD is a unique and versatile system.
The ability to generate a plasma out the air around us provides the basis for surface treatment technology of unrivalled flexibility and convenience.

M-CCMD – Air Plasma Technology

The M-CCMD is an adaptable and scalable device that generates a non-thermal Air Plasma via Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD). With no need for a vacuum chamber or external gas supply, air plasma systems open a new and unparalleled world of plasma processing possibilities. This technology has the potential to be deployed anywhere there’s air!

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We are proud to be developing our DBD Air Plasma technology in collaboration with researchers at the world-renowned Cranfield University, UK. With the M-CCMD affixed to a robot arm, we are exploring atmospheric pressure plasma as a method of cleaning concentrating solar power mirrors.

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