Steel Plate

Cold Atmospheric can be used to increase the surface energy of a material, a characteristic fantastically demonstrated by this clip of water preferentially sticking to the treated area of this steel plate


Cold Atmospheric Plasma has a strong and remarkable ability to increase the wettability of a material – this allows us to bond materials that were previously impossible to join

  • Plasma treatment may help to improve bonding for metal plates.
  • Stainless steel treated with plasma was tested by TWI to improve wet etching.
  • Carbon contamination is removed from surface.
  • XPS result shows Carbon contamination on SUS surface is reduced by plasma treatment


Broad spectrum and with a phyisical mode of action, resistance is unlikely. Gas plasma has proven santistation efficacy for disinfection and hygiene applications. 3 min treatment can reduce 109 order bacterial load. 2 min treatment of biofilm reduces microbial load by 50% on 24H biofilm. No micro-organisms detected after 5min plasma treatment of 24h and 72 h cultivated biofilms


Adtec first introduced our gas plasma technology to the Max Planck Institute in 2004 leading to a joint development in plasma medicine. The MicroPlaSter plasma medical device was the first device to be used in clinical trials worldwide for infection management of wounds and surgical site infections. With over 9 years of scientific and clinical research, Adtec's microwave powered argon plasma medical device has been proven to be safe for clinical use. The same technology is now used in the Adtec SteriPlas medical device adopted for use in infection management by hospitals in Europe.