Acquired by the Adtec group in 2004, IDX has been delivering DC Power solutions in 1969.

Experts in high power DC, IDX generators can be found in Particle Accelerators, including the KEK Particle Accelerator in Japan and in CERN.

With thousands of IDX generators in the field, Adtec is now launching our first DC Power Supply for Sputtering Deposition

Bipolar Power Supply

With a variety of pulse modes, and high speed arc detection and handling capabilities, Adtec's 20kW Bipolar DC Power Supply can be stacked to facilitate a flexible and high power Sputtering Deposition system

Durable and reliable design

20kW Output

Combine multiple units to achieve higher powers

10kW model coming soon!

Continuous, Pulsed & Bipolar DC Modes

High Speed Arc Detection & Handling

+/- 1000V rectangular wave

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Electrostatic Chuck Power Supply

High voltage power supply for electrostatic chuck equipped with polarity reversal and forced grounding functions

  • High voltage output ± 10kV
  • Digital communication (RS-232C), with analog output monitor (voltage, current)
  • Reliable protection circuit against discharge, short circuit, overload, etc. on the load side
  • Use with an external dedicated RF filter box to protect the power supply from RF noise

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