When Adtec first started making RF Power products in 1990, our goal and core concept was to be world-leaders in the design and manufacture of Radio Frequency Plasma Generation equipment.

We wanted to make products that were rugged and reliable – products that the user had full confidence in to deliver consistently, in the toughest of environments. As critical dimensions and process windows shrink, and the cost of down-time grows, it is more important than ever to have RF products that can take the strain the industry demands. This goal remains at the core of everything we do. We are confident that we are continuing to deliver – all RF power products come with a 2 year warranty as standard.

Adtec RF Products are essential facilitators of plasma processes across Semiconductor, Flat-Panel, Data-Storage, MEMS, Solar, Sputter and Industrial Coatings.

RF Plasma Generators

Solid State linear amplified RF power supplies give superior power control and reliability, with less spurious noise. Careful component choice, coupled with our meticulous amplifier reduces strain, greatly increasing the MTBF. The stability of the amplifier gives greater scope to provide low-duty, microsecond pulsed RF, with superb control at outputs as low as 1W.

Durable and reliable design

300W to 30kW output

Rapid Arc Detection and Arc Suppression

Able to withstand high levels of reflected power

400kHz to 40.68MHz

Pulsed RF and Variable Frequency available

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This matrix is not exhaustive, and represents an overview of our product set. Please get in touch to discuss your exact requirements.

Impedance Matching Networks

Adtec specialise in custom built automatic impedance matching units. Every matching network is designed to the exact specifications of your chamber or process, ensuring a consistently fast and accurate match.

A stable match = A stable plasma

Automatic high-speed matching

Custom designed to your process

Durable and reliable design

High-quality components respond rapidly to load changes

A controlled, repeatable process

A consistently stable network

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This matrix is not exhaustive, and represents an overview of our product set. Please get in touch to discuss your exact requirements.

Depending on a customer's need the following items can be added:

  • Vp-p/vp sensor
  • Vdc sensor
  • Vdc arc detection
Communication options that Adtec supply are:

  • Analogue RS-232C
  • Profibus
  • Adtec AMV Control Software

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Tuning parameters are stored internally on the matching unit and by using the AMV Control Software, parameters can be modified to change the matching speed, start point (via presets), matching range, and many more. For troubleshooting it is also possible to switch the system between manual and automatic setting. The AMV Control Software can be used to monitor the capacitor positions, forward power, reflected power, Vpp and Vdc (depending on customer requests) from the matching unit.
Presets and monitoring can be done via analogue control/RS232 control/Profibus (depending on customer request) and the AMV Control Software.

High Power RF Coaxial Switch Boxes

By including a Switch Box in your signal chain, it is possible to serve multiple processes with only one generator.

The switch serves as a pivot point, rapidly redirectly the RF from chamber to chamber

Vacuum Relay Switching

Custom designed to your process

Range of powers and frequencies available

Interlock prevents switching during RF output

Rapid switching time

Multiple RF outputs

Get in touch to discuss your requirements

Coaxial Cables

We can provide bespoke Coaxial Cabling

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