Adtec receives second place award in the ‘Most Innovative Product’ Category in Journal of Wound Care awards

We are delighted to be awarded second place in the ‘Most Innovative Product:’ category at the Journal of Wound Care/ World Union of Wound Healing Societies awards. The results were announced at  the awards ceremony on Tuesday September 27th during the WUWHS congress in Florence.

Adtec first  introduced our cold plasma technology to the Max Planck Institute in 2004 which led to a joint collaboration in Plasma Medicine. Adtec non-thermal gas plasma technology is based on a microwave driven argon gas plasma.  We are indebted to the great scientists, researchers and medical professionals in the Plasma Medicine team including the Max Planck Institute, Schwabing and Regensburg hospitals and collaborating universities.   Adtec SteriPlas technology with over 9 years of clinical experience has proven antimicrobial efficacy, infection management and safety with no side effects reported. Gas Plasma with a physical mode of action is less likely to induce microbial resistance and can therefore be considered as a viable alternative to antibiotics in topical infections.

We are also pleased to report the successful treatment of surgical site infections as presented by Dr Rotering of Universitätsklinik Münster at the WUWHS congress. Gas Plasma migrates to hard to reach areas to manage infection such as the driveline entry on VAD devices.  

The main advantages of using Adtec SteriPlas were reported by Dr Rotering as follows;

  • Increased penetration depth due to gaseous condition
  • Effectiveness independent to resistance profile
  • Possible treatment option to defeat biofilm
  • Good compatibility

Until now no contraindications are known